Your First (or next) Product in 7 days or Less!

You can create a tiny digital product QUICKLY, with this shockingly simple templatized product creation process

Everyone's raving about digital products right?

Maybe you're ready to create your first but you’re overwhelmed with all the different pieces you have to put together...

...maybe you have an idea in your head but you're wondering if it'll ever sell...

...maybe you’ve been wondering if spending all that time creating your last product was even worth it when you’ve only sold a handful
(or zilch) so far...

You’re not alone!

Digital products are an overwhelming, exhausting affair especially when you don't know what to focus on.

Here are the REAL reasons why there's so much confusion and overwhelm surrounding digital products...


FAIL #1: You don't feel ready to create a course. But you start on the hamster wheel of creating one either way because everyone tells you to do so!

We’ve all been fed this crazy lie that we need to create a course…

I can you afford NOT to create a course right?

E-learning is a booming industry…it’s passive income…price it premium and you just have to sell a few copies to hit your monthly income goals…

My first product was a course.

But I was so hung up on creating the course that I didn’t realize I was set-up for failure even before I began.


Because of huge gaping holes that I never considered when it came to product creation and launching.

Because of misinformation and assumptions about product creation and what my first product has to be.

The argument here is not about whether you should create a course or not…

That’s not where the focus should be…

But sadly that’s where the focus usually is for most business owners who decide to create a digital product…

It’s not so much of whether you create a course or not…but about whether you've thought about the MARKETING which leads me to...

FAIL #2: You don't EVER think about marketing till you finish creating your product - weeks, maybe even months later

It's not your fault!

Most gurus are more intent on selling the idea that you need to create a high-value premium course vs an ebook.

They completely forget to talk about how marketing should be baked into the product creation process.

What matters is how you market and position your digital product regardless of whether it’s a premium course or an ebook…

That's something that people don’t really speak about….

Maybe because it’s not fancy…

Maybe because it’s easier to sell passive income dreams than put the breaks and tell someone that what matters is how you market and position their digital product

FAIL #3: You've placed your first product behind a huge pay wall

What a lot of us do is we make the first wall so high that people can’t get a taste of our paid products.

It's not your fault. You've been fed the 'premium course' dream as I was

But when can’t get a taste, a subscriber can never cross over to become a buyer and then a fan.

Repeat, loyal buyers are the cornerstone of your business.

They are the ones who will come back again and again to buy your products.

You want them to add your products in their toolkit.

You want them say ‘Yes, I could use that’ and ‘I’m going to come back to that’ and ‘This new product came at the right time’.

But all of this starts with the first sale.


Maybe you're how do I even get started?

Should you wait till you're 'ready'?

Are digital products only for the select few who’ve reached a certain threshold in business?

Of course not!

A digital product can change the face of your business.

You can and should add a digital product.

Because with the templatized product creation process that I'm about to introduce you to, you'll have the power to:

  • Create a marketing asset that can generate revenue for you over and over
  • Enjoy a boost in revenue from the trip wires you create so that you don't have to 'wait' for a certain list size to start monetizing your site
  • Have the confidence that you will know how to prime and build up anticipation for your product so that subscribers are begging for you to open cart

YES, these outcomes are absolutely within your reach whether you consider yourself a newbie or someone more seasoned when it comes to digital products

If you're still with me...

If you're thinking about creating a digital product...or you've been burnt and overwhelmed having created digital products before, you could use a process that makes product creation as easy as possible.

This is where Product in 7 comes in!


This ONE OF A KIND TEMPLATIZED SYSTEM will help you create a tiny digital product in 7 days

So that you can add an income stream to your business quickly

EVEN IF you have no clue what product to create

EVEN IF you’ve had major launch fails where not a single soul has bought your product...

Or marketing your product scares the living daylights out of you

I cut through a lot of the theory and give you plug and play solutions so that you arrive at your offer, validate it, determine bonuses, outline your product and pre-launch content QUICKLY while you work through the playbooks.

The goal is 7 days.

Why 7 days?

Here’s why:

  • It’s a huge confidence booster
  • It has the potential to change your business and revenue streams
  • You will start to understand better what your audience will pay for
  • The sooner you get your first product out, the easier it will be to get started on the next

Product in 7, is loaded with value. I loved it!

I decided to create an ebook that my audience had been asking for. I had the idea in my head for a long time and Product in 7 gave me that little extra push to get it done. Thank you for all the great resources you provide!

- Jenna Arvidson, At Home with Kids

On a whim I was inspired to share the method I was using with my readers. I created a very small product ($7) in a few hours and launched it to my list on Wednesday. I've sold $400 in just a few days! :)
I feel like it is starting to come together and I am truly grateful for your guidance. I no longer feel nervous or afraid when it comes to creating a product.

Brandice Lardner, Grace Filled Plate



  • The difference between a signature course, niche course and small product - how to product map so that people keep coming back to buy more.
  • The No.1 thing that people pay for and why this is the biggest validation you can give your product
  • The truth about winning offers and the secret hack to ensure your product sells

Playbook 1: Idea + Validation

  • How this 3-step technique will help you get plenty of product ideas. All you'll have to do is fill in the blanks, follow through on the prompts and generate dozens of ideas.
  • How to know EXACTLY what product to create with the validation scoring system. No more guesswork or feeling stuck.
  • Why your product needs a BIG IDEA and the 4 ingredients to creating an irresistible one. Make the message around your product clear and concise.

Playbook 2: Product Parameters

  • The 3-Phase Bonus Formula will help you generate bonus ideas in as easy as 1-2-3. Increase the selling power of your product with bonuses that people are dying to get their hands on
  • The 7-part positioning statement cheatsheet will show you exactly how different your offer is
  • Different ways to package your product offer so that you have a range of options to consider

Playbook 3: Pre-launch

  • Plug and play techniques to HALVE the time it takes to write your pre-launch emails and content
  • Why you want to drive THIS specific group of people to your sales people and eliminate everyone else
  • Why even the best products won’t sell without THIS

Playbook 4: Branding your product

  • The best price range for your small product and 4 pricing hacks to help you NAIL your price
  • 5 naming formulas you can apply to brand your product. You'll never struggle with naming your products again.

Playbook 5: Launching your product

  • What a trip-wire and webinar launch strategy is - complete with tech tutorials and examples
  • 4 different launch timelines to model (includes a webinar launch model + under the radar launch model + 5-day Challenge)
  • Evergreen? Trip wire? Launch? How should you sell your product? I'll help you decide!


Bonus #1 Exclusive 1 Month Free Access to ADDictive Academy - My latest membership program and exclusive community.

Some of the trainings ready for you to dig in immediately:

  • How to build a 6-figure business in 5 Steps (Conducted Live on Feb 7)
  • Facebook Messenger Marketing Blueprint: A Step-by-Step Guide for Building a Facebook Messenger Bot Sequence That Drives Traffic and Sales (even if you're not techy!)
  • Online Success Roadmap + Biz Model Pathways
  • How to Suss Out Recurring Income Opportunities
  • How to Dial into Your Audience & Nail Your Perfect Traffic Source

Bonus #2 Ultimate Launch Template Pack

Sales pages can make or break your launch (so you've heard) but that doesn't change the fact that the thought of writing one makes you break out into hives...

You're procrastinating on all those launch emails you know you should be writing...where do you start, how do you even ask for the sale?

How do you get that vision of your ebook cover over to your designer? Your previous design jobs were botched and painful.

If you answered YES to any of the above, you will love the Product Launch Template Pack.

The template pack contains plug -and- tweak sales page copy bound to skyrocket your conversions...
...launch campaign email copy you can get inspiration from...
...40+ launch specific email subject lines you can model because emails that don't get opened, don't get clicked...
...and a design brief so your designer is able to create the exact ebook covers and pages you have in mind (whether it's someone from Fiverr or 99 designs).

Bonus #3: My personal rolodex of budget friendly vendors

Including some from Fiverr you can hire from as low as $5 because designing products does not have to be pricey!

Bonus #4: Bullet vault

A swipe file of juicy bullet points you can modify to spice up your sales pages

Bonus #5: Ebook templates designed by Alisha @ Daring Two

If you need something you can take action on quickly, this is the 'Run and Implement' motivator you're looking for!


If you’re on the fence…

Or if other programs have left you with a less than thrilled experience...

Then I want to give you EVERY opportunity to put Product in 7 into action and experience how easy and exciting it can be to start building your product using the templatized system.

Take 7 days to go through the playbooks and videos...

If after going through the program, you don't feel like you're well on your way to making back your investment, or you haven't learnt anything new that makes you excited and confident about creating digital products, shoot me an email at [email protected] with your playbooks for an immediate refund.


3 Compelling Reasons To Trust Me When It comes To Digital Products

1. I’m Meera, Amazon Best Selling Author and Email Marketing Specialist

My specialty? I simplify marketing strategy for bloggers and solopreneurs like you, so that you find focus, craft a strategic online presence and get noticed. And I do it with no-fluff, direct and actionable advice and a smattering of tough love.

My tips on email marketing and blogging have been featured on Marketing Profs, Addicted 2 Success, YFS, Smart blogger, Successful Blogging and several other sites.

2. I don’t just tell you what to do or how to do something.

I tell you WHY as well as WHAT you shouldn’t do, so you know EXACTLY how to apply this to your blog and business.

3. I make a full time income from selling my tiny digital products alone and I have a system in place that make me sales on autopilot.

I want to show you how you can do the same and why...

This above, CAN be your reality


THIS IS YOU: You'll never fear creating and launching a product again! You'll arrive at your offer, validate it, determine bonuses, outline your product and pre-launch content at lighting fast speed!

THIS IS YOU: You're confident that your product will sell - that's because marketing is baked into the Product in 7 process. Your audience's wants are matched seamlessly with your product's promise

THIS IS YOU: Your sales pages and emails practically write themselves, drastically reducing your idea to market time. This means a new product launched and making you $ faster than you think


Product in 7 will give you THE BEST
hacks and strategies to MINIMIZE the amount of time it takes
to create a small digital product that SELLS

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this for beginners?
Product in 7 is a foundational program. It's for solopreneurs and small business owners who are getting started with digital products AS WELL as those who have digital products but are overwhelmed with the process of creating one and are less than enthusiastic about the results they've achieved.
Will this work for me if I have no idea what product to create?
Let me take that burden off your plate. You don’t have to have all of that sorted out before Product in 7. You’re supposed to bring your doubts and fears and hesitations as you work through the content. The playbooks are there for a reason and will walk you through every step of the way, even if you have no idea.
How is the program delivered?
Product in 7 is delivered via 6 playbooks (fillable PDFs) and video walk-throughs as well as plenty of templates and swipe files.
How long do I have access to the program?
The program is self-paced and you have lifetime access to it. You can log in as soon as you purchase the program and everything is loaded and ready for you to use.
Do I get access to program updates?
Yes you do! I'll keep you in the loop if there are updates or additions to the information.
What's the return policy?
I'm 100% committed to getting you results and convinced that Product in 7 is only program you need to start creating digital products. If you are committed to giving the program your best shot, you WILL succeed with Product in 7. But if you can show me that you’ve gone through the playbooks, did the work, and still haven’t experienced exciting growth with mapping out your product, do reach out within 7 days to get 100% of your investment back.
How long do I need to be creating free content (blogs, podcasts, etc.) BEFORE I create a course?
I get it. I bought into the ‘you need to give valuable content for 6 months’ before you’ve earned the right to monetize as well. Like paying your dues right? If you have a solution to your audience’s burning pain point, they’re not going to count how many days or months you’ve been giving value before buying. With a little bit of trust and a low risk offer, you can convert a subscriber into buyer quickly….a subscriber who just got on your list! This is one of the strategies I teach in the program and is something you can implement as well!
Will I really have time to create a digital product?
You’re busy. You have a family to take care of or a day job. Maybe even both. That’s the reason you need a templatized product creation process. All the steps are laid out clearly so that you don’t miss out on anything. I designed Product in 7 with one thing in mind. It should not become another ‘course or program about making a course’. Every step is designed to get you to take action and implement.
What happens after I click 'buy'?
You will get an email with the subject line 'Open Up! Create Your Irresistible Offer in 7 Days!'. You have access to the entire program immediately.
I'm excited about the ADDicted Business Academy bonus. But what happens after the first free month?
You can log into Teachable and cancel your membership anytime or continue at a super low fee of $24 a month. Best thing? You'll be grandfathered into this super low price and it will stay $24 for you forever whether the price increases to $39 or $49.


You’re new to online business and are pretty certain you’re going to add digital products into your revenue model:

You’ll start strong and stop the ‘shux, why didn’t I do that' or 'Why didn’t I think of that'. With the templates and structured way of thinking about product creation inside Product in 7, your PayPal account will be blinking with notifications in no time.

You’re a small business owner or blogger with existing digital product(s):

You have launched a digital product before. But your current way of creating digital products isn’t serving you…the results you’re getting aren’t making you esctatic… you know there has to be a better way instead of scratching your head trying to think of bonuses or pulling ideas from thin air.’re probably sitting on gold mines of offers that need to be polished and refined and relaunched.

If that’s you, here’s where you can try a method that empowers you..puts you in the driver’s seat and tells you exactly how to unleash your genius and actually get the attention you deserve.

You’re a service provider:

You’re stretched and burnt out and while you have a decent calendar filled with clients, you’ve really been thinking about turning some of your service offers into digital products and want a structured process of doing so.

You don’t have time to waste or 30 video to watch but you're willing to put in the work:

You're already investing your time and energy in your business by writing content, scheduling social media, working on your email marketing. You know business is not a 'one-click' to that exotic beach location but you want every bit of energy and time you invest to be intentional and strategic and a step forward to building a profitable business.

Let’s spend 30 days working through these playbacks. You don’t even need that long to try them out. If it doesn’t give you a different perspective, aha moment or make you go ‘heck yes’ and excited to put your offer to the test, then simply send over your work and I’ll refund your money and you’ll be well on your way.

You're excited to try the PI7 templatized product creation process:

Even if you've been disappointed with past results from creating and launching digital products...even if you've felt completely overwhelmed during the product creation process, you're feeling excited and optimistic that by this time tomorrow you'll be plugging into a one of a kind templatized system walks you through idea generation, validation, branding and pre-launch QUICKLY.

If you answered yes to most of these, then you're ready for Product in 7!


Ready to take the Product in 7 Challenge?

With 7-risk free days to work the Product in 7 system, wouldn't you rather see what's it's like to create and market a tiny product with a templatized, systematic step-by-step process?

One that's more profitable...

easier to execute...

and actually gets you excited about creating and launching digital products?

But unlike other programs, you don't have to 'finish' anything to start working on your product.

You’ll get your product concept outlined while you work through the system.

Enroll right now and plug an existing idea into the validating scoring matrix...

Or use the 7-step positioning system to glue in to why your product is different...

Skip the confusion and overwhelm by knowing how to name your product or the exact type of bonuses to create...

if you don't feel like you're well on your way to making back your investment, or you haven't learnt anything new that makes you excited and confident about creating digital products, shoot me an email with your playbooks for an immediate refund.

This course is closed for enrollment.