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The Easiest Way to Explode Your List, Turn Them into Loyal Followers & Seduce Them to Purchase From You Using the 5-Step Activation Process

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Even if You Have a List Size of 0, Have

No Clue What Opt-in Freebie to Create

and Have No Product to Sell


Resorting to Sleazy Selling

Throwing money at expensive tools which you have no idea how to use


Losing your mind trying to figure out the tech

Two blog businesses can have the SAME email list size.

But there’s a MAJOR DIFFERENCE between one that establishes authority, grows in visibility, and makes money while the other just blends in with the rest.

Do you know what that difference is?

The one that succeeds has A PLAN for their email list.

Maybe you’ve been blogging for months or years but have never taken the time or effort to grow your list...


Maybe you’re at the very beginning of the list building journey, with NO list or a very small one...


Maybe you have an average-sized list but you struggle with engagement, writing emails and have no clue how to monetize that list...

No matter where you are in your journey, there is no better time to not just launch and grow your list but create a strategic plan for it.

Because, you just can't afford to wait.

You’re losing the opportunity to connect and grow your audience and authority. You're also leaving money on the table.


You’re frustrated with your opt-in offer. You’re giving people what they want but they don’t subscribe to your list and you’re tired of seeing your list grow by a single digit every single day

You struggle when it comes to writing emails to your list. How do you send them content that’s different from what’s already on your blog?

Your subscribers never ever respond to you as much as you try.

You desperately want to make some money, but don’t want to come across as that person who is constantly promoting their offer.

You're hustling like crazy but don't seem to get results! You look at all those people monetizing their blogs and profiting from their email list and you're tired, worn out and (let's be honest..) a tad bit jealous.

You tried everything you could to grow your list to a decent number and you're wondering...'now what'

If you're saying 'YES' to any of these statements, I have your back!


1. I’m Meera Kothand, mom + freelance writer turned email marketing specialist and solopreneur

My specialty? I simplify marketing strategy for bloggers and solopreneurs like you, so that you find focus, craft a strategic online presence and get noticed. And I do it with no-fluff, direct and actionable advice and a smattering of tough love.

My tips on email marketing and blogging have been featured on Marketing Profs, Addicted 2 Success, YFS, Smart blogger, Successful Blogging and several other sites.

I went from sub-zero where no one knew I existed on the internet to an audience of 3000+ email subscribers and built authority as the ‘go-to email person’ all within 9 months of launching my blog

2. I don’t just tell you what to do or how to do something. I tell you WHY as well as WHAT you shouldn’t do, so you know EXACTLY how to apply this to your blog and business.

Trust is what gets people to:

  • share your work without you even asking
  • tag you in Facebook group discussions
  • reply back to your emails with appreciation
  • comment on your work
  • speak highly of you and recommend your work when you’re not even there

This is the basis of how I run my blog and business. And this is exactly what I teach in Email Lists Simplified.

Here are a handful of the hundreds of love notes I’ve received that are testament to this

3. My opt-in pages convert at 35% and up. I have an email open rate of 35%+ and up. And I have a system in place that make me sales on autopilot.

I want to show you how you can do the same and why...

This above, CAN be your reality


THIS IS YOU: Your PayPal account grows and you get sales notifications every single day.

THIS IS YOU: You take the weekend off, go on vacation or even have a baby and still see your list grow, rake in testimonials and make sales. All thanks to those systems you have put in place!

THIS IS YOU: No more guesswork when it comes to creating your opt-in offer. You create an offer with all the right ingredients, attract a targeted pool of subscribers who clamor to get their hands on your offer and who will buy from you vs freebie hoarders who are in it for a free download.

THIS IS YOU: You have an endless list of email ideas. Dig in, pick up what works for you or mix them up to get an explosive list of ideas.

THIS IS YOU: No more feeling sick to your stomach at the thought of sending emails to your list. The only butterflies you have in your stomach are from seeing the number of automatic sales you make in a day.

THIS IS YOU: You write emails and sequences with ease with templates and formulas that are done for you. Plug in your content, tweak and you are good to go.

Wondering how that could ever be you?

I have a proven system that will get you there!

I've gone through the trials, the errors and packaged all of it into a system that has worked for me!

And it's now yours to try, implement and get results.

Watch what Sarah has to say about Email Lists Simplified!


5 Modules and 5 Weeks Away from Growing Your List, Building an Audience of Gushing Fans and Profiting from Your List

This foundation module teaches you how to optimize your site so that you convert traffic to subscribers, pick the right email service provider and get your email list launch pieces in order so that you make the most out of the course lessons.

Discover how and why you want an email list and how it will help you reach your goals. I'll also walk you through the subscriber journey and why it's crucial to know what that looks like for your audience. I'll also show you the different types of emails you can send.

Opt-in Idea Bank and Tools Comparison Spreadsheet - I've compiled opt-in examples from different niches to give you an idea of what you can create. I'll also give you a comparison spreadsheet of different list building tools so that you don't feel tied down to one tool but can make your own decision based on your budget and needs.

The course comes with a 60-page workbook complete with checklists, worksheets and swipe files so that you can implement what you learn in each module immediately.

There are also tracking sheets that bring the course together and give you a bird's eye view of your email list launch, list growth and email sequence planning.

5 Step Process for a High Converting Opt-In - You’ll discover why your opt-in freebie has to address more than a pain point and how to tie it to your blog and biz strategy. Save yourself weeks of wasted time, by being aware of this critical validation mistake.

I’ll give you plug and play formulas you can use for your own landing pages so that you are never stumped by what to say and show you how the 4 critical elements of a successful landing page work together so that your conversions soar.

I'll also give you a Bonus resource on 6 ways to boost social proof on your website.

Welcome Email Series that Nurtures Your Audience on Auto - This module shows you how to put a system in place to get testimonials on auto so that you never have to scramble to boost your social proof. It also shows you step by step how to create a welcome email sequence using the 2-3-2 formula

-You get nudges and prompts and I'll also tell you what type of content pieces you should link to.4 Sneaky Formulas to write the perfect tease and get your subscribers to look out for your name in the inbox. Two done-for you Welcome Email templates. Plug your information in and you're good to go.

How to Build the 'Know', 'Like' and 'Trust' Factor With a Thank You Page - Thank you pages have a purpose and I'll show you how exactly you can build the know, like and trust factor with your audience starting from the moment they opt-in to your list.

100+ Subject Line Templates - Subject lines can totally stump you. I have you covered with 101+ templates for different categories. Plug in your words or copy them verbatim and your subject lines are ready.

Fast 5 Email Creation Recipe Card - This is where we get the cogwheels turning. You’ll use 5 different pieces, one of which is the 12x7 framework to come up with endless ideas to fill your email editorial calendar. I’ll also show you how you can gel these with your blog editorial calendar.

Open, read and click - The subject line gets the open, the email body gets your subscribers reading till the end and the way you structure your words, seals your click. I’ll show you separate techniques to optimize each of these 3 parts so you know how to structure your emails.

Funnels - What’s the use of email if you can’t put in place a killer email sequence that rakes in sales every single day?

Hint: You don’t need to have a product to make $. I’ll show you how to map out sequences and the possible number of journeys a subscriber can take based on your niche, blog or business. I’ll also show you 4 funnels I have in place in my business and 2 simple formulas to write sequences that seduce and sell.


In this Bonus Module, I'll walk you through different strategies you can use to grow your list such as how to bring attention to your opt-in freebie in a promo thread, content upgrades, email courses and more. Want to set up a webinar but clueless about the tech? I have tech videos for how you can set up a free webinar. (Value: $147)

How to Weed Inactive Subscribers or Clean Your List - I'll give you the exact steps and even the subject lines to 're-engage' inactive subscribers so that your list is healthy. I'll also tell you when you need to let them go.

How to Segment Your List - Clueless about how exactly to segment your list? I'll give you 4 ways you can segment your list for best results.

I'll also include an essential automations list to keep your email system tidy and optimal. (Value: $197)

A Private Facebook Group to keep you accountable and allow you to get feedback from me and the community. (Value: $197


At the end of our 5 weeks together, you’ll have a killer opt-in, a plan for growing your list and a series of emails that introduces your subscriber to your product, service or brand in the most unforgettable way.

Plus, you’ll be able to reuse, rinse and repeat the system for any new blog or business you begin, and any new opt-in you create.

This is the programme that takes your business…

from ’no one knows I exist’ to highly visible

from crickets on your list to one that grows every single day even when you take vacations

from zero engagement to gushing emails

Email Lists Simplified at a glance

Class Curriculum

  Welcome to the Course + Course Workbook - Start Here!
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  Module 1 Foundation
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 5 Income generating funnels
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Bringing it together
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Tech Training
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Bonus 1 - List Building Masterclass
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Bonus 2 - Skyrocket your email campaigns
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Bonus 3 - Spreadsheets
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  What you need to know about being an ELS Affiliate
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Frequently Asked Questions

I love the course but I have no list. Should I wait to get this course till I have some list in place first?
This is exactly why you need Email Lists Simplified. It teaches you to put all the foundational pieces of your email strategy in place from the very beginning. Your list will grow, you’ll nurture your subscribers and make sales at the same time. The course does not assume that you have a certain list size. Rather it assumes, that you’re starting from scratch.
I’d love to buy Email Lists Simplified, but I have other courses that I haven’t finished. What should I do?
I designed Email Lists Simplified so that you’d be able to complete this 1 module a week (if you have a life, and have kids and dishes and laundry to do like me) The course is 5 modules and packaged in a way so that you have the motivation to get through them and implement the steps as soon as possible. You don’t have 20+ videos to go through. Am I the only one who finds those insane?! Once you have the basic systems in place, your list and sales will grow on auto every single day. But ultimately, the decision is yours to make! :)
The course looks interesting but I already purchased another list building course. Isn’t this the same thing?
Email Lists Simplified is MORE than a list building course. See my comparison table below of how this is different from other email programs and courses. This is the full start to end strategy on building and nurturing your list, making sales, and even cleaning that list.
I haven’t launched my blog yet. Shouldn’t I do that first before I buy the course?
You don’t need a full website to grow your list. All you need is a coming soon page created using an inexpensive tool like Thrive Landing pages and you will start to build your list from Day 1 as you slowly put the pieces of your website together in the back end. Sounds like an amazing trade off to me,
What happens after I click 'buy'?
You will get an email with the subject line 'Open Up, Explode your list, Seduce & Sell' (Details inside). You have access to the entire course immediately. If you qualify for the expiring bonuses, those will be sent to you within a week of purchasing the course.
Will this work for me if I have no idea what opt-in freebie to offer?
Absolutely. The course assumes that you're starting from scratch. And that's what module 2 is for. It's to give you a framework to decide on the right opt-in freebie for your business.
What is the guarantee I will get results?
Obviously I can't make a guarantee that you will..that would not be legal. But I am 100% confident that if you do the work and follow through on the exercises, you will get results.
Can I use this for a brick and mortar business?
If you have a web presence and collect leads online as a means to keep in touch with your brick and mortar customers, then yes, the course is still applicable to you,
What else do I need to spend money on in addition to this?
You will need to spend on an email service provider (which is a recurring fee) and a list building and landing page tool which you can get for under $70.
Will you personally offer support in the Facebook group?
You bet I will! I will be there to answer questions and also do Q&A's where necessary.
How long do I have access to the course?
The course is self-paced and you have lifetime access to it.
Do I need to pay for Convertkit or a particular email service provider?
Absolutely not! The course does not tie you down to particular email service provider, although there are some extra resources for Convertkit users since many of my readers and subscribers are Convertkit users. The course comes with a detailed spreadsheet of help links and compares the features of the different providers. If you're thinking of switching providers or signing up for a new one, this will come in extremely handy.
Do you offer a refund?
Yes, there is a 14 day money back guarantee if you feel that I’ve failed to deliver on my promise. If you feel the course doesn’t live up to its promise, all I ask is that you map the course against my sales page. I’m committed to getting you results and I stand by my course.

I’m going through your email “recipe card,” and it’s helping me so much! I was so stuck on what to send out each week and I’ve been so worried about how I will respond to the people that sign up to my list, but this has been super helpful :)

I feel like this is getting me so organized and relieving the stress!

Kristen King, Bountiful Path

In August, I created two new opt-ins using your advice from the course. My email list nearly doubled in size that month.

In October, I had a baby. In November, I still had that newborn baby and a 3-year-old. I only managed to work about 5 hours a week on my blog during those months, but my list kept growing steadily on autopilot

And my email open rates and click-through rates are much higher than industry standards.
Without your advice and the automated systems I had set up, my email list would have totally stopped growing during my maternity leave. This course has been one of the best investments I’ve made for my blog!

Emily McGee, My Adaptable Career

I've always wanted to engage with my audience in a personalized way via email marketing but did not know where to start.

Your course helped me in understanding what kind of opt-ins I should have to generate leads and how to set up an email sequence to build a relationship with my followers.

Your input helped me a lot in successfully setting up the 7 Day Book Kickstart Challenge on my site. I highly recommend your course and coaching to every online entrepreneur who wants to grow their business by growing their list.

Jyotsna Ramachandran, Founder - Happy Self Publishing

I spent a lot of time working to grow my email list. I devoured everything I could about list building and tried every strategy I could think of. It worked and my subscriber list grew… but then I ran into a problem. I didn’t know what to say.

I’d spent so long learning how to grow my list that I’d never thought about what I was going to do after. I had no plan, so I defaulted to writing an off-the-cuff email after each blog post I published.

I decided to take Email Lists Simplified because I needed help with my email marketing. I knew I could trust you because your blog is full of helpful and detailed information.

After taking Email Lists Simplified, I have a plan for my email list. I know when I’m going to be emailing, what launches I’m going to be participating in and what else I’m going to email them about. And none of it has to do with my recent blog posts.

Cath Oneissy, Iconic Copy

I love what you do and could not have gotten my email sequence going without taking your course. It's been so much easier since taking your email course.

Paul Martin, Conrad Know-How

Meera! Thank you so much. I have been confused for months on what I should be sending my list and how to get more engagement and your course laid everything out so well.

Your lessons on creating a welcome series totally changed how I looked at email marketing. It was a life saver and it made drafting my own welcome series 100 times easier. I recommend your blog and your course to anyone that is wanting to implement email marketing!

McKinzie Bean, Moms Make Cents

Meera, I have to say, you have put together an impressive course! I can't believe how much you cover!

I've been inspired to create more content upgrades, pay more attention to where I put my sign up forms and go through my welcome series again. Now that I have an overview of the information in the course I am planning on going through each module and implementing everything fully over the next few months.

Emma Bates, KidsCashChaos

Oh my goodness, this lesson blew me away! You are really helping me understand that there is a SCIENCE to this e-mailing thing! Thank you for sharing your awesome words of wisdom!

Christin Baker, Garments of Splendor

Meera, before taking your course I had no idea what to send my subscribers, especially after they'd just signed up.

I went through your process in Email Lists Simplified and it all finally fell into place. Now, I feel more confident in crafting and sending emails to my list. I can also put together an attractive opt-in offer for my ideal audience, thanks to the bundled Opt-In Blueprint course.

It's so refreshing to have a clear and specific framework to follow when you're just starting out. Thank you!

Ralitsa Minkova, Destination Fearless

Meera, this is absolutely awesome!!!

You have comprehensively answered all the pain points of beginners in email marketing. I am genuinely impressed with the work you have put in for this course, and its still only a part of it!!! I can imagine how useful the course will be for newbies like me.

I particularly love the part where you have detailed the difference between an opt-in and landing page. I personally ask myself why I should have a landing page. I am sure many have the same question. You have very clearly answered that.

Sireesha Narumanchi, CrowdWorkNewz


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Access to opt-in idea bank and comparison spreadsheets

Access to Bonus List Building Module

Access to Bonus Skyrocket Your Email Campaign

Access to limited bonuses** depending on when you sign up

Access to Exclusive Facebook Group: A private Facebook community to keep you accountable and to get feedback from me and the community.

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