Email lists Simplified

The A-Z Implementation Plan to Start, Nurture and Profit From Your Email List

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Have you ever struggled with your email list…

You look around and feel overwhelmed just at the thought of trying to figure out the right emails to send

Or maybe you're not sure where to start and feel like you're hanging on end trying to put all the information you're learning into one coherent piece.

You want to automate your emails and write sequences that your audience will crave for.

You're not sure when's the right time for the 'ask' without sounding salesy or smarmy

You want to tap into the secrets of using your email list strategically but if only you just knew where to start!

If you're desperately looking for a magic pill to take away all your email list troubles, you aren’t alone, my friend!

"It's so refreshing to have a clear and specific framework to follow."

Meera, before taking your course I had no idea what to send to my subscribers, especially after they'd just signed up.

I went through your process in Email Lists Simplified and it all finally fell into place. Now, I feel more confident in crafting and sending emails to my list. I can also put together an attractive opt-in offer for my ideal audience, thanks to the bundled Opt-In Blueprint course.

It's so refreshing to have a clear and specific framework to follow when you're just starting out. Thank you!

Meera, before taking your course I had no idea what to send

Ralitsa Minkova, Destination Fearless

"It has completely revolutionized the way I think about my blog"

Within the first exercise, light bulbs were going off in my head big time! It has completely revolutionized the way I think about my blog and I went through a total paradigm shift!

By asking myself the questions in your worksheet I was able to "put myself in their shoes" so to speak, and think about what they struggle with. I also have tons of ideas for blog posts, potential products and opt-in freebies.

I just wanted to say this stuff is amazing, and I am so excited to continue learning!

Christin Baker, Garments of Splendor

I was right there, where you are right now.

Standing there, feeling lost, and dead scared thinking:

What am I supposed to do with all these people that I get on my list?

So, I did what everyone does and hit Google!

I looked, dug through pages and pages of content that Google threw up at me. I did find some useful information, a few nuggets that gave me hope but no information that was tailored for bloggers and solopreneurs like you and me.

There was very little advice out there beyond the 'you need an email list'.

As confused as I was back then, I was clear about one thing: I didn't want to just grow my list...I wanted to engage with my subscribers and have a conversation.

Sending blog post notifications didn't seem right to me at all. So I started experimenting with my emails and sequences...all the while self doubt was crowding in....

Will they hate my emails?

What if my emails are boring?

What if they unsubscribe?

I was scared to death when I hit publish on my welcome email series and when I got my first subscriber and knew they were reading my emails....

I felt I was going alone in the dark.

So, why did I continue experimenting with my email list then?

Not because the 'gurus' told me I needed to have one. But because I saw that my efforts were starting to pay off.

I've been able to grow my list to 1300+ subscribers in 6 months and get a steady stream of sign-ups....

I started to wake up to emails and tweets from my audience....

and make sales via my email...all within 6 months of starting my blog.

And I want to show you that you can do that too!

Introducing Email Lists


Here’s everything you can expect to learn when you enrol in Email Lists Simplified

1 | Discover how and why you want an email list and how it will help you reach your goals

2| When to start sending emails

1| A step-by-step guide to creating a welcome email series that gives you testimonials and feedback

2| How to get started with your first subscribers

3| Choosing the type of emails to send

4| How to create a simple email marketing calendar that gels with your editorial calendar

1| 11 strategies to get your emails opened

2| How to prime your emails for the 'click'

3| How to write captivating emails

1| How to structure an email sequence for maximum engagement and impact

2| How to use your email sequence to make passive income

1| Easy hacks to segment your list

2| Why you should delete inactive subscribers and how to do it

3| Essential email automations

And not forgetting the bonuses that go with this course...

Here's what's included in the bonuses

You can have a stellar email marketing strategy and still fail because you don't have the right opt-in to boost your list.

That's why I created the Opt-in Blueprint Bonus Mini Course so that you can create an irresistible offer your audience can't wait to sign up for.

1| Why your opt-in freebie has to address more than a pain point and how to tie it to your blog and biz strategy

2| A critical validation mistake that you can avoid to save you weeks of wasted time!

3| Secrets to crafting a super simple yet high-converting landing pagelanding page that sells your freebie on auto

4| Plug and play formulas you can use for your own landing pages so that you are never stumped on what to say

5| The 4 critical elements of a successful landing page and how they work together so that your conversions soar

6| Killer opt-in freebie examples from 7 different niches you can use for inspiration,

7| Comparison spreadsheets with the best list building tools and email marketing providers so that you can make an informed decision

8| Tech Trainings

9| Pitch Templates so that you're never stumped if you do not know how to design your opt-in. Replace with your logo and brand colours and you're good to go!

10| Done for you Email Swipe Copy to use in specific situations

11| Never let a potential subscriber slip away because of your website.

The Website Optimization kit will show you how to 1. plug a leaky website by placing opt-in forms in the right places and 2. six sneaky ways to turbo-charge your opt-in forms.

"You have answered all the pain points of beginners in email marketing..."

Meera, this is absolutely awesome!!!

You have comprehensively answered all the pain points of beginners in email marketing. I am genuinely impressed with the work you have put in for this course, and its still only a part of it!!! I can imagine how useful the course will be for newbies like me.

I particularly love the part where you have detailed the difference between an opt-in and landing page. I personally ask myself why I should have a landing page. I am sure many have the same question. You have very clearly answered that.

Sireesha Narumanchi, CrowdWorkNewz

"I noticed an immediate increase in opt-ins"

Meera, I had a part in there that literally stopped me in my tracks and caused me to take immediate action. It was actually pretty profound, despite being super simple.


So I immediately added a business category to my blog, and then started promoting it that way and I noticed an immediate difference in opt-ins! I've attached a screenshot below so you can see the difference between this month (implementing your strategies) versus last month.

I'd say it's pretty darn impressive!!

Kathy Haan, Idyllic Pursuit

"Step-by-step on what you have to focus on..."

Being a fairly new blogger, I usually get the "shiny object syndrome". From getting ideas here and advise from one Facebook group to another. It gets overwhelming!

Meera goes step-by-step on what it is that YOU have to focus on and what questions to ask yourself in order to have a successful email list that your readers will continue to look forward to reading.

She puts out a plan for you that will help you get the answer of what your readers' pain points are and at the same time, give you opt-in ideas.

If you're a newbie and even if you've been blogging for some time, this will help guide you to create your opt-ins with samples and tools she has used.

Gloria Garcia, Confessions of a SAHM Site

"I can't wait to report back with my results"

Wow, Meera.

Amazing feedback and I think you hit it on the head. I definitely am going to work through this list. I can't wait to report back with my results. I cannot thank you enough. I was telling my friend the other day that I just don't know how to drive people to my website and I'm not sure if freebies actually convert anymore. I was so discouraged but I do think these suggestions will help!

Rita Morales, Ritamorales.com

Oh my goodness, this lesson blew me away! You are really helping me understand that there is a SCIENCE to this e-mailing thing! Thank you for sharing your awesome words of wisdom!

Christin Baker, Garments of Splendor


What if you could…

Wake up to feedback and testimonials from your subscribers on a daily basis

Make passive income through a simple email sales funnel

Feel confident every single time you hit 'send' on one of your emails because you have a blueprint and examples to follow

Have a welcome email sequence that takes care of your new subscribers even if they opt-in when you're on vacation or when you're busy

Save loads of time and still make sales and build credibility by learning to automate essential email functions

This is a snapshot of the results you can expect when you embrace your email list and email marketing

Meera has created a direct and easy to follow program full of great information, directions and easy to follow steps. I really have to mention her availability and her desire to help each of us who connects with her.

Her care is so evident, even across the miles.

Eileen Dunn

"I've been inspired this week to create more content upgrades"

Meera, I have to say, you have put together an impressive course! I can't believe how much you cover!

I've been inspired this week to create more content upgrades, pay more attention to where I put my sign up forms and go through my welcome series again. Now that I have an overview of the information in the course I am planning on going through each module and implementing everything fully over the next few months.

Emma Bates, KidsCashChaos

This course is for you if

  • You know how important it is to nurture your email list but you have no idea how or where to start
  • You are tired of searching for email marketing strategies tailored for bloggers and solopreneurs
  • You want to take email seriously to build authority and an engaged community

This course is NOT for you if

  • You don't think an email list is important
  • You have no interest in nurtuing your list or giving back to your community
  • You think email is only for selling

Frequently Asked Questions

I have not started my email list yet. Is this course still for me?
I love an action taker! This course walks you though what you need to prepare even BEFORE you start promoting your email list. So, you'll still be ok. But I encourage you to sign up for an email service provider as soon as possible so that you can walk through the strategies outlined in the course.
Do I need to pay for a particular email service provider's plan?
Absolutely not! The course comes with a detailed spreadsheet of help links and compares the features of the different providers. If you're thinking of switching providers or signing up for a new one, this will come in extremely handy.
When does the course start and finish?
The course is completely self-paced - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
I have a tiny email list. Is this course still for me?
Absolutely! You'll start building your email list on a solid foundation. You'll learn how to use email marketing the right way and this will help you grow your list faster when subscribers promote your list for you.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
I would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact me in the first 30 days with your completed worksheet prompts and I'll give you a full refund.

Your Instructor

Meera Kothand
Meera Kothand

Hi, I'm Meera, a certified email marketing specialist, freelance writer and contributor at Addicted 2 Success, Marketing Profs and several sites. I'm the author at Meera Kothand where I help bloggers and solopreneurs find focus, build authority and craft a strategic online presence.

I'm constantly exploring and testing what works and what doesn't. By using email marketing successfully I've been able to get tonnes of testimonials within a short 3 months of launching my blog and build a feedback system to know what content my audience likes.

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